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The famous "Adirondacks" park in New York State is less than two hours drive from Montreal!

On a weekend during your course, Studyland advises you to escape to the Adirondacks. This famous park in New York State, in the north of the United States. It is less than a two-hour drive from Montreal. So you will leave with a memorable souvenir of your stay in North America!



It is a paradise for nature lovers and lovers of outdoor activities. And with good reason! With a surface area of more than 2.4 million hectares, this region offers a multitude of outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, snowshoeing, skiing and canoeing. The park is home to more than 600 kilometres of marked mountain trails, making it a dream place for students with a passion for hiking.

From the highest point of Mount Marcy (1629 metres above sea level) through the Giant, Cascades or Gothic Mountains to Jay Mountain and Noonmark, small hidden treasures abandoned by the more experienced who prefer to go to the highest peaks. Students, families, friends, everyone will find something to suit their desires.

In addition, in the North-East of the park, the High Peaks is located in the most frequented area. They group together 46 peaks of more than 4000 feet. When a hiker climbs all of them he becomes a "46ers", it's a little more complicated than finding a course with Studyland.



The Adirondack region is full of lakes! The best known are "Lake Placid", "Lake Champlain", "Lake George" and "Avalanche Lake". It is possible to canoe, kayak, boat or even paddle on these lakes.

Beyond the outdoor activities, the region with its villages attach great importance to the history of the State of New York but also to that of the United States. For example, the village of Lake Placid located next to the eponymous lake hosted the Winter Olympics in 1932 and 1980. Even today, the venues are carefully maintained. They allow visitors to stroll through the Olympic remains.

For information, a few moments should be allowed for crossing the border. First on the way there, in order to fill out a form to obtain permission to stay for a while in the United States. Then on the way back, to return to Canada. All you will need is your passport and your COOP work permit.