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This agreement covers all of Studyland's commitments and responsibilities. It applies to all the services of the Internship/Employment programme for all candidates. By validating and signing the final Internship/Employment Agreement, you agree to be bound by these general terms and conditions without reservation. The present general conditions prevail over any other document.

WHEREAS STUDYLAND is a company specialising in the search for serious and well-trained students, mainly from Europe, who wish to perfect their knowledge within the framework of an internship in North America and who wish to integrate themselves into their studies;

WHEREAS the Client wishes to retain the services of STUDYLAND, pursuant to a Master Services Agreement, because of its expertise in this particular field, for internships to be carried out with its company or with any company related to it;

WHEREAS access to the electronic internship search platform held by STUDYLAND is subject to access rights and administrative fees payable by the student candidate for the internship to be practiced in North America;

WHEREAS STUDYLAND attaches great importance to its high brand image known as the STUDYLAND label and expects that any person with whom it may have a business relationship will at all times adopt behaviour that does not compromise that image;

WHEREAS,in addition to its extensive contact network, STUDYLAND also has an electronic platform called STUDYLAND.CA, with a high brand image, dedicated to the search for mainly serious and well-trained European students who wish to perfect their knowledge in the context of an internship in North America as part of their school career;

WHEREAS the search for students or the presentation of student profiles to the various partners will only be carried out following calls for services or written requests for services issued by the applicant to STUDYLAND, and each of these calls or written requests from the applicant will constitute a new request for services, i.e. a new mandate given to STUDYLAND;

WHEREAS,it’s in the interest of the parties hereto to confirm and set down in writing the terms, terms and conditions to govern their business relations in a private deed;

WHEREAS STUDYLAND agrees to provide the said specialized services required by the candidate in accordance with the terms and conditions set out below;

WHEREAS the parties have the capacity and quality to exercise all the rights required for the conclusion and execution of the Framework Agreement set out in this Agreement;


Studyland undertakes to provide an internship/paid work placement according to the job description provided directly by the host company of the trainee/designated worker.

The candidate must communicate any change in the criminal record between the time of signature and the start of the program.

Studyland undertakes to provide ongoing assistance if the trainee/employee finds it difficult to integrate into the host company

Studyland undertakes to respect all the internship agreement provided by the school/university of origin if it complies with all the legal standards imposed by the Government of Canada.

Studyland reserves the right to preserve the identity of the host company until the candidate physically presents all documents proving their status in Canada and their right to study or work in Canada.

The candidate undertakes to take out a Canadian occupational health insurance policy. In the event of an accident at work, the company will not cover the costs of hospitalisation, treatment or other expenses incurred.

The candidate undertakes to respect the work standards imposed by the client.

Studyland must be notified of any change in the status assigned.

Studyland undertakes to keep the trainee/worker informed of all terms and conditions of the contract in writing.

Studyland is committed to complete confidentiality for all candidates, no information will be disclosed about the candidate by telephone/email unless the name of the person is mentioned in the file with the candidate's prior permission.

For foreign workers or students, the reimbursement of expenses by the insurer must guarantee the reimbursement of a minimum of $1,000,000 Canadian, with fees waived upon presentation.

Studyland's fees vary according to the service the company offers to its clients. The fees are nonrefundable, once the agreement is returned signed, except in exceptional cases. - Accident or serious illness - Other justified cases of major force
❖ Accident or serious illness
❖ Other justified cases of major force

* The candidate undertakes to respect the general conditions of his or her Internship/Work Permit issued by the Government of Canada and agrees to obtain a WHP, or a valid open work permit, or an internship permit by his or her own means, we do not provide any immigration services.

**Studyland is a recruitment platform, foreign student fees are charged depending on the country of origin (350 euros for all countries participating in the free trade agreement between Canada and the European Union). In addition, a handling fee of 91.45 euros is charged, as well as postal charges including all forms of correspondence (emails, printing of contracts or agreements, etc.), which are non-refundable but can be converted into internship tokens or Slot emploi**.

*** A Slot emploi or an internship token are authorizations exclusively given by Studyland Canada in the event that the student cannot complete his internship due to justified force majeure. This allows the student to complete an internship at a later date according to the offer available on the Studyland.ca platform without paying the application fees and the international student fees regulated by the candidate at the time of acceptance. The token or slot is valid for three years from the date the cancellation is signed by all parties. It cannot be exchanged or refunded if it is not used, it will be lost.

* In this document, the masculine gender is used as a generic for the sole purpose of not making the text heavier. The use of the masculine gender has been adopted for ease of reading and has no discriminatory intent.