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About our partner

With our Partner, we’ve created a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use platform where checkout can be completed in less than 2 minutes. Customers must specify only a few personal details, have access to 24-hour chat support and can track their transit all from the Partner’s app. By partnering our customers with a Mate that has the tools, the manpower, and the vehicle adapted to their needs, our Partner takes care of transporting their belongings to their new residence as well as delivering any large item purchased online.

Our vision is to create a market-leading tech platform that enables customers and businesses to provide and receive moving/delivery services and simplify their logistics. We are a startup with high growth potential; our growth rate from Q1 to Q2 of 2020 was 600% with an average monthly growth rate of 66%.

We are a diverse group of driven, young professionals looking for hardworking and dynamic individuals to join our community as we journey forward!

What’s in it for you ?

As Customer Support Specialist, you will be a key member of the Operations team through your responsibility to assist our Partner’s clients with their day-to-day needs to uphold our quality customer service. In doing so, you will be able to improve your problem solving skills, your understanding of operational processes, and your ability to collaborate with other team members to assure profitable transactions.

Within this role, you will also be able to expand your knowledge on the startup sphere, and engage in meaningful conversations with other team members through our training sessions, workshops, and happy hours.

Role description :

The Customer Support Specialist will be the point of contact for our B2C clients who need assistance with their moves and deliveries; they will also assist on a variety of small projects with different departments to gain exposure to the multitude of processes that make up our Partner’s business model.

Your goals are, but not limited to :

  • Answering regular customer concerns on intercom, email, FB, and the phone
  • Helping clients book moves/deliveries; forwarding their calls to other departments
  • Assisting marketing & user acquisition with lead generation
  • Address customer concerns
  • Send invoices & follow up with payments
  • Forward complicated customer cases to the Ops manager
  • Support Sales team with building customer relationships

What we are looking for ?

We are looking for a highly motivated individual that is willing to work hard, learn and grow exponentially. The candidate must be people-oriented, have patience, be flexible and able to adapt to new situations frequently.

General Requirements :

  • Bilingual
  • Experience in customer service
  • Somewhat familiar with the Montreal area
  • Comfortable with Excel and Air table
  • Administrative experience

What we offer ?

  • The company swag
  • Happy hour every Thursday
  • Training opportunities to grow your skills
  • Birthday treats to celebrate you
  • Counselling service upon request
  • Reference letter upon request

Partner’s Value :

We pride ourselves on staying true to our values at all times. We are constantly re- evaluating these principles to ensure that they reflect the firm culture we seek to maintain.

1. Grit

We train our employees to harness their entrepreneurial spirit to spur innovation and problem- solving that will continuously improve our products and services, and enable quick thinking when our clients need assistance. Employees are given significant autonomy with the understanding that additional sweat is compensated with additional reward.

2. Impact

Our sweat-equity framework succeeds because our team believes in our vision; they understand that their work is a part of a larger ambition of what the world can become: efficient and eco- friendly. We pictures a world where businesses and customers will use our app to transport their goods due to our advanced logistical capabilities that will reduce road congestion and optimize delivery routes to ensure that all cars and trucks are travelling full. We want to make an impact globally by contributing to the creation of smarter cities that take a multidimensional approach to sustainability.

3. Transparency

Our Partner is committed to being open and honest about all aspects of our services. It is our objective to make every part of our booking process and our pricing model transparent so that our clients know exactly what they are being charged and why, as well as how to properly prepare for a move.

4. Diversity

We have committed ourselves to diversifying our workplace at the executive, managerial, consultant, and analyst/intern levels. We recognize the value of having a variety of perspectives at our table, and understand that having a representation of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and races at our firm incites higher creativity and engagement, and ensures that both our employees and clients feel safe and at-home within our spaces.

5. Commitment to Clients

We value the trust of our partners and clients, and aim to go above and beyond no matter the circumstance. As our firm continues to grow, we are dedicated to positioning our business around solving moving and delivery pains while making sure that our product remains meaningful. We engage in personalized follow-ups with every client to gain feedback on their experience, and actively work to make sure that all their pain points are relieved.

6. Personal Development

By providing our employees seminars and workshops, we encourage our employees to strive toward their professional goals and show our devotion to their personal development.






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