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In the context of the current health crisis, it is still possible to do your internship in Canada. Indeed, the pools of co-op visa are now open since March 1, 2021 You just have to make your request on the website https://www.canada.ca/fr.html or https://www.canada.ca/fr/services/immigration-citoyennete.html and follow the whole procedure to get your co-op internship visa. Once you have obtained your co-op visa, we will be happy to welcome you here in Canada. Our Studyland staff is available to answer any questions you may have during your departure process. If you have additional questions, feel free to direct yourself to the Chatbot that simultaneously answers your questions or go to our FAQ.

In order to apply for an offer, it's very simple. First of all, you just need to create an account that will allow you to apply and thus follow the procedure and the progress of your application. Then, you just have to go to the section OFFERS which will allow you to see the different positions available. After finding the position that suits you, click on apply and then fill out the small form and then do not forget to provide your CV.

To find accommodation, there are several solutions available to you.
For interns who will be going to Montreal, Studyland Canada offers you a partnership with Evo Montreal, a student residence in the center of the metropolis.
If you are interested in this alternative, please fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScnnxkihF5fCFKZLOSLUaTbcJekc9bwkrlEIXBKWChI1tcrkA/viewform, a member of the Studyland team will contact you shortly.
If you don't want to stay with Evo, or if your internship is not in Montreal, you can find roommates on https://www.kijiji.ca/?siteLocale=fr_CA or on https://fr-fr.roomlala.com/colocation/CA-Canada.

Studyland and its partner companies offer "co-op placements". This allows international students from about 20 countries (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, etc...) to reside and work in Canada for up to 12 months during their post-graduate studies (university or private).

To obtain a co-op placement, your employer must issue you an internship agreement and: job offer number

For more information on co-op placements and immigration to Canada in general, please visit: https://www.cic.gc.ca/francais/travailler/eic/admissibilite.asp

Co-op is a work permit category of the International Experience Canada program.

The procedure takes place in several steps, first you need to create your account on the Immigration and Citizenship Canada website. To create an account you will have the option to choose between "Connection Partners" and "KeyGC". After creating your account you must apply for the EIC permit of your choice. Once you have entered the "applicant pool" for your chosen license, you will need to wait to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA). The time frame varies depending on the type of license you choose.

When you receive an invitation you will be notified by email. Two types of messages may be sent to you: "You have a new message in your account for the next application" "Your application has been updated" After receiving your invitation, once you have accepted the invitation to apply, you will have 20 days to submit your application. 10 days to accept or decline. After filling out the additional information in the same manner as the "Apply" step and all statuses are green, you will be prompted to upload the requested documents to validate your application.

International mobility assistance can help you raise the necessary funds and thus give you a boost to leave in this case, there is an international mobility assistance grant offered by the region based on social criteria so you need to meet a few conditions.One of the conditions is to be eligible for the student grant on social criteria or a specific annual assistance. You must be preparing a national diploma under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Higher Education. (The monthly amount of the international mobility assistance is 400 €). In addition, Canada also offers a scholarship depending on the studies chosen and the destination city.

Studyland, offers you internships in different fields such as marketing, finance, management or entrepreneurship. We offer you a variety of internship opportunities in our offers section. Our different partners are ready to welcome you in their premises for your professional internship.

Don't hesitate to create an account in our dedicated tab and fill in the fields according to your needs. Don't forget to provide your CV and a cover letter, it's always a little extra! You will be able to follow your application in time. As soon as we have an internship offer that is tailored to your desires and interests, one of our Studyland experts will get back to you.

Upon receipt of your application your application is processed by our recruitment teams the process takes an average of 15 to 20 days .

You can contact us via our email address contact@studyland.ca or call us at +1 (514) 500 - 0067. If you have a specific question, you can send us your question via the contact form available in the "contact" tab, we will answer it as soon as possible.