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Today, the Jackalope festival is in the spotlight in Montreal !

The Jackalope festival is in the spotlight! This event took place from August 16 to 19, 2019 in Montreal. It was the 9th edition of the festival of extreme sports such as skateboarding, base jumping, climbing and bike racing. 9ème édition du festival de sports extrêmes comme le skateboard, le base jump, l’escalade et la course de vélos.



In 2019, Jackalope had the privilege of hosting world stars of BMX. For example, Bob Burnquist (14 times champion on Green at the XGames) is one of the legends of skateboarding with Tony Hawks. Elliot Sloan, Big Air champion at the 2019 XGames was also there to our great pleasure. The 12 year old Gavin Bottger showed us that we could already get tricks on a ramp at a pro level. All these sportsmen had concocted a one-hour show for us. You can find an excerpt on our Instagram page.

But Jackalope is also a street skateboard competition for women and men with big names like Andy Anderson, Ivan Monteiro or even T.J. Rogers who compete in a tough and impressive competition. Base jump was also in the spotlight. The concept is to jump by parachute from the top of the tower of the Olympic stadium (165 m high) and aim at a target on the ground, the winner is simply the one who lands closest to the target.



The festival also offered many food trucks and outlets for the sale of derivative products mainly related to skateboarding, such as personalised boards, clothing and art objects. To liven up the event, artists such as 88Glam set the crowd on fire before Saturday's after-party. On Sunday, it was an opportunity to see the biggest names compete in the skateboard and base jump finals from the tower of the Olympic stadium. An event for students who are passionate about extreme sensations during their Studyland course.



Jackalope is a word suitcase made from the English terms "jackrabbit" and "antelope". So you guessed it: the jackalope is a rabbit with horns, symbol of American folklore. It is, for example, the official mythical creature of the state of Wyoming. Legend has it that it would be impossible to see it and that it could imitate the voice of a human. The Cowboys said they heard it at night by the fire.